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Point Lookout Lighthouse Investigation
                         Location Information
Date:  Feb. 26, 2011                  Type: State Park
Location: Point  Lookout            City/State: Scottland, MD
               State Park                                             
Investigation                            Status: Complete
Times:10:00 pm-1:30 pm
                          Weather Information
Sunrise: 0644                           Sunset: 1755
High                                        Low 
Temperature:  48                      Temperature: 27
Sky Condition:  Partly Cloudy      Wind: SSE @ 8 mph
Humidity:   65                           Precipitation: 0.00 in
Lunar Phase: Wanning Crescent    Visibility: 10 miles
                   39% Full
Solar X-Rays: Active                   Geomagnetic
                                                Field: Quite
Pressure: 30.30
                          Investigators Present
                              Robert Browne
                               Steve Temple
                              Location History
                            Civil War Pow site
                            Click on picture for more info
                             A male ghost, dressed in Civil War attire guards
                             the steps to the lighthouse. Pictures have
                             recorded him leaning against the frame at the
                             door. This spit of land was used as a union
                             hospital and POW camp during the civil war.
                             Several ghost of soldiers have been reported
                             here. Also, many people have seen the ghost of
                             a sailor, perhaps lost at sea nearby.
                             Info from Shadowlands Haunted Places Index
                           Investigators Notes 
                            Robert Browne
                             The Orbs are just dust orbs. They are posted
                             here for educational purposes.
                             I had no evps or hits on other experiments
                             We will be going back at some point and
                             trying again
                             Steve Temple
                             When sitting in the kitchen looking out the
                              back door viewing the Potomac River and
                              va. shore, you could sense what it must
                              have been like living in the lighthouse during
                              the early days. We didn't find anything this
                              time, but I think that we definitely need to
                              go back.
                           Investigation EVPS
                             No EVPS available
We didn't find any ghost, but we did find a lot of dust. The orbs shown in the pictures below are dust orbs. When they show up in your pictures do not confuse them with ghost orbs.
                        No Videos available
                      Questionnaire Responses
Fog Horn
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