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                 Point Lookout Campground
                                     Investigation #1
                                 Location Information
Date:       Aug. 12-13,2011
Location:  Point Lookout
Times:       10PM-2AM
Type:         Civil War POW Camp
City/State:  Scottland, MD
Status:        Complete
                                   Weather Information
Sunrise:          5:18                          Sunset:         7:03      
High                                                Low
Temperature:   86                             Temperature:  64 
Sky Condition:  Scattered clouds         Wind:            4 mph (North)
Humidity:         56                              Precipitation:  0.00
Lunar Phase:     Full                            Visibility:        10 miles        
Solar X-Rays    Normal                        Geomagnetic
                                                      Field:             Quiet
Pressure:         30.02
                                  Investigators Present
                                      Robert Browne
                                      Steve Temple
                                       Location History
 This park was once a Civil War prison camp named Camp Lincoln. There are stories of a woman who hunts for a grave. She has been known to ask passerby's to help her find it. There is even a general who haunts the campground. In the fort proper, people have reported seeing figures on the walkway surrounding it, and hearing faint voices.
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                                       Investigators Notes
No hints of anything paranormal on this investigation. We may have been on the wrong loop We will be going back next month and staying at the Hoffman Loop.
                                       Investigation EVPS
                                  No EVPS on this investigation
                                  Non Paranomal Photographs
                              No Videos from this investigation
                                      Questionnaire Responses
The Legend Lives
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