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       Farnesworth House Investigation
                           Location Information
Date:        April 30, 2011
Location:    Farnesworth
Times:         10:00 PM-
                  2:00 AM
Type:       B&B
City/State: Gettysburg, PA
Status:       Complete
                            Weather Information
Sunrise:          05:09 AM                  Sunset:        06:59 PM
High                                               Low
Temperature:   66                            Temperature:  45
Humidity:         51%                         Precipitation: 0.00
Lunar Phase:     Waning                      Visibility:       10
                       6% of full
Solar X-Rays:     Active                       Geomagnetic
                                                       Field:           Unsettled
Pressure:           30.12 mm Hg
                              Investigators Present
                                 Robert Browne
                                   Steve Temple
                                 Location History
Considered by many to be one of the MOST haunted houses in America! The first house in Gettysburg to be investigated by renowned psychic Carol Kirkpatrick, as well as Ghost Hunters International, a crew from Pittsburgh, Chicago, Southern California. The crews from "Sightings" (Sci-Fi Channel), "Unsolved Mysteries", and The History Channel have done filming here.
click on picture for more info                Mary, a spirit from the Civil War
                                                      era walks the corridors of the
Inn at night. There is also a civilian man carrying a child wrapped in a quilt. You can hear him sobbing in an upstairs room. A midwife is seen watching over a young woman in labor. Three Confederate sharpshooters remain at their post in the garret of the house. A soldier carries a wounded comrade into the cellar of the house. His voice is heard singing to comfort his dying friend, who dies in the catacombs of the cellar. Cold spots have been detected. "Balls of white energy" were photographed as white "auras" of energy throughout the house. Guest report many strange happenings on their stays here!
info from Shadowlands Haunted places index
                                   Investigator Notes
Robert Browne
 I detected an EMF field that was moving around. I would find it in one spot and then it would disappear, only to show up somewhere else. I would detect it there and it would disappear again. It is said to be the spirit of a playful child here. Could it have been him playing hide and seek? Maybe, but if it was he wasn't talking to us. I had no EVPS on this investigation.
                   No EVPS available from this investigation
Rooms have civil war decor                            Click on this image and  
giving them an erie feeling.                            you will see actual
                                                                  bullet holes from the
                                                                  civil war.
                   No Videos available from this investigation
                                  Questionnaire Responses
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squeaking door
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tales from the crypt
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