PIP Investigations -  The Paranormal Investigation People
About Us
Team Leader - Robert W. Browne
                    Age: 62
                    From: Lusby, MD
                    Worked as: commercial pilot 
                    and truck driver
My first experience and what got me interested in this field happened back in 1971. I was picking up my girlfriend, who worked at the gas station in St. Leonard MD. She was tired and climbed into the back seat to take a nap. Her sister was up front with me. We were just a couple of miles south of St. Leonard, when I saw what looked like someone riding a bike coming up the other side of the hill. When we got closer I could see that it had no solid form, but more like a patch of fog (It was not a foggy night and there was no fog anywhere else.) The form had a head, shoulders, arms, hands, upper torso and legs down to the knees. I have always wished that I had turned around to take another look, but the girls wanted no part of that.
Team Electronics tech.
 Steve Temple
 Age: 51
 From:Port Republic, MD
 Worked as: Electrical Contractor
If you are interested in being a member of our team, send a short note to pipinvestigations@yahoo.com or PO Box 110, Port Republic, MD 20676-0110
PO Box 110
Port Republic, MD 20676
    Requiem for a Tower
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